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Friday, January 6, 2017

The First Week Is In The Can

The Week In Review

was my first thought for this post,
but then I thought I sounded like 
Walter Cronkite.

The first week of 2017 got off pretty well I think,
although we did have a lot of snow here in Kentucky
and it is colder than a witches heart.

I'm working on getting a workable plan together to bring some order and productivity to my day.
Click HERE to read about it in my first blog post of 2017.  
It involved these:

I drew out two names of people who won November and December paintings.  
(I got behind.)  
Hopefully their new owners will love them.

  If you want in on the fun,
subscribe to this blog
and then confirm it when you receive the confirmation email. 
I contact the winners via email so you'll want to use an email you actually use. 

My sweet husband Jim, has been out in our shed working on my new art studio, even though it's frigid outside.  We have a wood stove in there so that's a good thing.  Once he gets the ceiling up, it will be much warmer in there.

 Panels are going up.
See my wood stove back there.

 Thanks Jim.
You're the best.

So far, this doesn't look much like an art blog post.
I did paint this week and here's the proof.

 I finished this this week.
It's from a photo I took years ago of
the Washington D.C. Temple
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I have a beautiful photo I took,
and I've always wanted to paint it and I've been working on it for a while, which is not my usual m.o.
I usually finish the same day I start,
but this is a 20" x 16" and there were some areas on it I really wanted to get right.

This is what's currently on my easel.

 Finally finished the block in.
Started putting some clouds in also.
Lots and lots of work to go on this one.
I'm sure I'll be blogging about this big guy next week.

Remember, I have an online beginning painting course if you would like to get serious about learning to paint using acrylic paintin2017.
Click HERE to check out my course, class and a
I can really help you cut your learning curve down as well as help you buy only the supplies you need.
There is a bonus in the course with a shopping list and if you buy only what is on that list, I know I can save you the cost of the course when you hit the art store.




  1. Well, super-really-excited about your new studio!!!

  2. Thanks Meredith. It's coming along great. The Fan went in today and the spotlights are going in tonight. "The guys" are coming over tonight to get them in correctly.


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