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Monday, January 9, 2017

Old School Calendaring

Staying On Top of Things!

I'm OLD school!
Really old school!
Paper Old School!

 Told You!
 I'm in the middle of planning out my day, week, month and year
using these tools.
I also have a year long wall calendar, 
but there's only one thing on it right now.
When Kentucky plays!
(got my priorities in order) 
I color coded the areas of my life I'm working on.
My Art
My Art Business
My Personal Life
My Church responsibilities
Our Farm
Kentucky Basketball 

When I look at my calendar like this,
I can see at a glance what's going on when,
and I can also see if part of my life is taking over
 the rest of my life. 

I use my phone for daily appointments.
My calendar is for planning out when I'm going to paint,
When I'm going to work on my computer,
When I'm going to work outside,
When I have to teach at church,
And when Kentucky plays.

Does all that look crazy?
It is a little.
But it is what works for me!

What works for YOU?
Leave me a comment.

I made goals for 2017 
and then I made plans to complete those goals.
My old school calendars will keep those goals 
and plans in front of me. 

I'll let you know how things are going throughout the year.

Meanwhile . . 

Here's part of the latest painting I'm working on.
More later. . .
Do you like to paint?
Would you like to host a painting party?
It's easy enough.
I do most of the work.
Click HERE to see how it works. 
If you are interested in learning how to paint,
from the ground up
learning basic art concepts and then putting them to use
in two paintings,
click HERE.  
  Hope you have a wonderful day.
See you soon!
Let's paint!



  1. I love door paintings and a blue door is especially a fav. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    It doesn't surprise me to see how organized you are, Sharon, Good system especially for a visual person.
    it would suit me. My system is pretty much the same every day. I get up and go to work! Saturdays too so I only have Sunday and I follow the same routine then.
    Juggling over thirty artists is a whole other matter so I developed a calendar system where each of them are responsible for any changes to their schedule at the Guild. I look at the calendar daily to see what is what for that works!

  2. Wow Julie! I can barely be responsible for me, let alone 30 other artists. Don't know how you do that. Would love to hear more about that sometime.


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