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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Turquoise Door


36" x 15"
Unframed $200
Framed $300


Framed or Unframed

This has been a lot of fun working on this painting
with the turquoise door.
It started last year when I found this frame at a flea market.
I loved the frame and even before I bought it,
I sort of knew what I wanted to paint to put in it.

Well, then I couldn't find a canvas that would fit it's odd size.
So I had to stretch my own canvas.
(totally new experience)

I did a sketch of the door one day while my husband was having surgery.
It has changed considerably since then.

It even changed after I drew the sketch on the canvas.

My first drawing did not have the door open.
But then I got this bright idea about having the door open slightly with lots of light pouring in around it. 
Lots of symbolism involving light.

It changed all along the way.

It started out with a dirt path and stones in it,
(stones not shown here)
But to me, it felt more like a creek bed,
so I changed that.
With that dark in the middle of the dirt path it deepens it,
and even after I put the rocks in it, it still had a creek bed look. 
So out cam that path and in went another one.
You can do that in acrylic paint really easily

My goal was to have the door slightly open
with lots of light coming in around it,
even though there is no light source behind it.

I wanted you to think about that.
Where does light come from 
how it affects all things around it.
 Including our spirits.

As I painted the trees, bushes and flowers and added the rocks, I tried to keep that light in mind and how it would affect things it fell on.

To me, this painting is somewhat magical.
It's inviting us to come into that light,
just because it's there and we are curious beings.
We would be curious as to what is the source of the light,
what is on the other side of the door,
Why is it coming out the door, but not around the rock wall holding the door?

So many questions,
in a rather odd shaped space.

Please leave me a comment about what you think will happen when you walk through that door.
Maybe we'll write a book!

About the frame,
I know you don't see it.
You don't see it, because I'm still working on it.
It's a heavy carved framed,
but I wanted to lighten it up also. 

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Thank you so much for stopping by today
and for taking the time to comment.

I really appreciate them!!!  


  1. It is fascinating to see your thought process at work in these step by step pics. The end result is wonderful and to me the addition of the foliage around the door makes the whole painting more intimate.

  2. What a wonderful way to finish this very special door painting. It is meaningful and special because you brought it to a very mystical completion! I love it.
    I also have to rave about the painting that arrived by mail today. I couldn't wait to see it and I am thrilled with it. How did you know that it is the state bird of North Carolina and also is my favorite bird. He is so well painted and the background is perfect. I am so lucky to win one of your paintings!

  3. Thanks so much Julie. My favorite book is The Secret Garden, so I sort of wanted the viewer to wonder what was behind the door, but also why was it so overgrown or who was tending this place.

  4. Thank you so much Fay. I really appreciate your glowing comments. I'm glad you got the sort of mystical magical vision I was going for. Van Gogh said he dreams his paintings and then he paints his dream. Not that I'm suggesting I'm any where near the plane of Van Gogh, but that is sort of what happened with this painting. I'm really glad you like the cardinal. It's also the Kentucky and the Ohio state bird and we have them in abundance here. In winter when they are waiting to get to our feeder, they are puffed up like that trying to stay warm. So glad you won my monthly painting and that you enjoy it.


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