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Monday, January 23, 2017

Give It A REST!

You've thought it!
You've said it!

Enough already.
Give It A REST!!!

 I'm not talking about the current
 political craziness,
although it wouldn't hurt to "Give It A Rest",
but I'm talking about your and my life.
I don't know what your schedule looks like,
But mine is usually work, work, work,
Monday - Friday
and often on Saturday as well.

My husband is a worker.
He has few hobbies,
he works.

Work has always been our life.

But, throughout our lives of raising 4 kids,
working our jobs,
working our farm,
our church responsibilities,
and giving time to our few outside interests,
like painting,

We have always taken a rest, once a week.

Sunday, to us, is a day of rest.
A much needed day of rest.
It's a day for church and family,
and a day to rest.
Very little TV, little if any internet,
not running around.

A chance to refresh,

On Monday, I am always amazed at how much better I feel.
I am ready to hit it again.
To paint,
to blog,
to clean,
to work.

I think we all need a chance to walk away from the stresses of life and to rest.
Even the earth rests during the winter months
as things go dormant and rests.
Then in the spring,
beautiful things happen.

When you make bread, 
it rests after its been kneaded.
Then it grows like crazy into beautiful delicious bread.

It's not a dirty lazy slacker word.

It doesn't matter how or when you get your rest.
There are lots of ways to accomplish this important need.

If you're on the computer a lot,
go old school and read a real physical book or magazine.  
Block out some time to take a nap.
Cook your own food.
Go for a walk.

Whatever it looks like for you,
know you will feel better and ready to accomplish more
after your rest.  

Give it a try.

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 There's even a free one on there.    

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Have a wonderful week!




  1. I read this post and thought - right on -NAP TIME! A no guilt nap...
    seriously though, I cannot have a do nothing day. Just not wired for it, I guess.
    I spread my Sunday out during the week with an hour every morning in meditation and the evening a peaceful space before bed to go through my prayer list.
    I do recognize the beauty of your advice and as always am amazed at what a good feelingI have when I visit your blog.

  2. Thanks so much Julie. Sunday isn't a do nothing day, it's just a different doing. But I love the time you take for meditation and a prayer list. I think those things are essential for us. Something happens to us when weclear our minds and think of others.
    I am so glad you enjoy my blog. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Oh my, yes. Exactly. My last day of genuine "rest" was taking a whole day to do three loads of laundry, glamorous, right? I watched TV, did my nails, took the time to carefully fold and sort clothes. And I didn't think, plan or do ANYthing art related. It was great. Thanks for the reminder, Sharon!!

  4. So true Diane. Walking away from a creative brain that can't shut off even if you're walking to laundry and grocery shopping is critical to reloading. You can't draw from an empty well.


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