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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tribute to a great photographer

I'm not sure how I find the site Paint My Photo.
I think it was a painting friend, Barb Pask.
But, I joined the site and received an email at the beginning of April about a painting challenge they were having.
One of their contributors, Pixel Bloke, who had posted 59 of his photos to the site,
died last September and evidently the owners of the site didn't know until recently.
They wanted to do a tribute album to Pixel Bloke, AKA David Smith so,
you know how I love challenges,
so I got out my paint brush and started pouring through his photos to decide what to paint.
Now that was a tough decision.
So I painted three of them.

This was actually my third painting I did of his,
but it's getting top billing here.
I entered this and the one below in the Mary Ann Gentry Annual Art Show
at the Carroll County Library in Carrollton, KY.
His title of the photo was Bet Ya Can't Eat Three.

The above painting of Nigel the Nuthatch
 is his title of his photo.
I learned lots from doing this painting on painting feathers.
I also used a palette knife to paint the tree.
That is always enlightening.

This one is also in the local art show.
If you go, they are having a people's choice award, where people can vote for their personal favorite and then the library is going to negotiate with the artist to purchase for the library.

I like the idea of having local art in our library.

And this was the first painting I did in the challenge.
I loved his reflections in the water and the composition as a whole.
I also learned a lot because I did a video of the progression of this painting,
put it to music and posted it on youtube.
How crazy is that?

Click here to see my very first video!

Thanks for spreading Pixel Blokes work by sharing this post.  

Click here to see the album of many artists who took up the challenge.

You've had your art fix for the day.


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