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Monday, April 8, 2013

Guest Post Monday

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Trying Something Different

(Now that's different)

I am trying to get a more cohesive schedule about my blog.
I'm going to be inviting individuals to write a guest post for Mondays.
If any of you are interested please email and we'll gittr done.

Here goes on the first one.
An art friend, Meredith Adler, I met online during Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and I got to talking about guest posts and this idea sort of sprung up.  

We decided to ask questions and the answers could make up the post.

Meredith and I have commented on each others blogs and written back and forth to each other and this is what we came up with.

I asked her "Is art freeing you or do you get tied up in knots trying to create it"?

Here is her answer. 
Wow, great question.  Looking at the art of OTHERS is often freeing for
me.  I love to get lost in other peoples' art blogs.  I go on-line and
look around, seeking to be wow'd!  Like I was really wow'd by your recent
collage of spring, all those colors and the way you designed the collage
to work as a whole.

I cannot yet say my own art is freeing for me.  Completing a painting I
like is an exhilaration.  During the process, when I begin to see the
effect, the balance, and the unity I am aiming for, that is also a
wonderful feeling, but the feeling is such that I almost feel like I need
to hold my breath to not ruin what I see.  The whole process of doing a
painting for me is always a seeking, not a direct way of reaching the
intention.  I often think it's because I am trained through my own
self-direction rather than through any formal art training that I don't
have a clear, direct process to work through a painting.  By "trained
through my own self-direction" I mean seeking out the info I need in
books, videos, on-line, and occasional classes and workshops. Then I talk
to other artists or read something on-line or hear something on the AHA
show and realize that many other artists also don't know exactly what to
do at each moment in a painting!

My process is not completely hit or miss, and there are some things I am
doing that are starting to feel familiar.  But as I said, there is always
this sense of "seeking" when I am painting. 

Now wasn't that interesting?
I loved her answer.

Here is a link to her blog.

Now if any of you would like to comment on the topic I would love to hear from you.

Don't forget, if you would like to be a guest writer, please email me.

I believe this is the collage Meredith referenced in her post.
These are so fun to do.
I learned all about it in an online class by Leslie Saeta in her Webinarts Class.

She can help any small business figure out how to build an online presence. 
Here's a link to her website.

The first photo is of my work space and I never show my messy studio to anyone,
but now you've seen it, aren't you glad you read all the way to the end.  hehe



  1. Very interesting Sharon, I'll head over and check out Meredith's blog.

  2. That is a great answer! I love it too! Meredith is very good at putting thoughts and feelings into words. Not something I can pull off often and I always love to hear when others do!

  3. Thanks for hosting me, Sharon! This is great fun, I love the interaction of people between our blogs. And let me tell everyone, the reason Sharon may have received an interesting answer from me is because she shot me a GREAT question! Opened me right up...

  4. Glad you had as much fun as I'm having with my guest posters!


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