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Thursday, April 25, 2013

OMG Another Leslie Saeta Challenge

Artist and art marketing extraordinaire Leslie Saeta has thrown down the gauntlet again and issued another art challenge.  You'll remember the last challenge was 30 paintings in 30 days and I really had to bring it to complete the challenge.  

I learned tons during that challenge and this was my favorite painting of the challenge.  This was a breakthrough for me.  It's still sitting on my coffee table.

Leslie is a marketing coach, instructor and genius and I have taken her class Webinarts which would be good for any business trying to get all the tech stuff down and increase their web presence and along the way, sales.  The Challenge - Drum Roll Please is 30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days.

It starts on May 1st, so get your game on and get signed up on her blog.

Click here to sign up on Leslies' blog.   

See you in challenge friends.


  1. So, you are in, eh? I figured you would do the challenge! I see why you like this painting so much, it's awesome.

  2. you knew I'd be in huh? This should be one interesting challenge? You in?

  3. Hey Meredith, my pinterest button looks different. Can you check it sometime to see if it works? Thanks friend.


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