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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My First Video Crested Grebe

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Oh My Gosh,
Look What I Did!

I've been taking an online class on marketing with Leslie Saeta
and I learned how to make a video out of still photos and add some music.
I listened to Pandora for several hours (oh my sacrifice)
until I found the music I wanted.
I love this type of music and I hop you enjoy it also.

Click here to see me first video  

It is of the progression of a painting I did of a Crested Grebe.

I got the photo on the Paint My Photo website and will be entering the finalpainting in their contest.

I am so tickled to be able to do this.

Anyone who knows me know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers,

I Can Be Taught!

Here's the finished product.  
But you need to watch the video to see how it progressed.

Thanks for checking this out.

I can't believe I have a you tube channel!




  1. Very impressive!! So cool to be able to observe your thought process and witness the creation of one of your paintings, especially seeing how you made the light parts pop.

  2. That was so fun to create both the painting and the video. Another thing I learned on Leslie's webinarts. Best marketing class ever. I have several more to go. I can't believe I've learned all this stuff.


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