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Monday, April 22, 2013

Guest Poster Kim Hoagland

Kim Hoagland

Click here to listen to Kim sing Are You Lonesome Tonight

That should put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. 

Kim and I have gone to church together for over 20 years.
She is from a performing family, The Kinmans" and she is hilarious.
Her dad, Harold, was the leader of the band, so to speak and they have performed all over the Kentucky/Indiana area.

I love Kim's deep rich voice and she is complemented by her brothers Jeff, the crazy one and David, the straight man.
They put on a tremendous show and if you ever get the chance to see The Kinmans, please go, you won't be disappointed.
I asked Kim to give us an idea of what she's thinking when on stage and if she has any rituals she does before a performance and this is her answer.

"When I perform I wish and hope the audience understands that I want to pull emotions from them.To make them feel the same feeling I am feeling.I want to tug at their hearts and look them right in the eye and capture their attention. I get instant feedback.  I know if they are looking right back at me and smiling I know I have done some good, made them feel good. I want to take them away from their problems for a couple of hours.To forget the worries of their world for awhile.
Before a show I sing through all my songs one more time but not anymore than once or I will obsess and start to get nervous.  I also LOVE to talk with them before a show.Go out in the audience and just talk to them.They will tell me whats going on in their life or if there is a song I can sing for them. I used to get really nervous but now when I make a mistake on stage I make a joke out of it and we are all laughing including me.  You have to laugh at yourself.
Performing has brought me such  happiness.  I don't know how to do anything else! lol   God has truly blessed me with this talent he decided to give me and I am humbled and very thankful for it."

Kim performs regularly at the Ross County Jamboree in Scottsburg, IN 
Click here for the Ross County Jamboree website.
The picture on the website is of Kim and her brother David.  Jeff must be ready to come on in a wig and a dress or dressed up as a rabbit.  You never know with Jeff.

Hopefully you'll subscribe to Kim on youtube and watch her perform in your living room.  How cool is that.  



  1. I was excited to meet your new artist for the week. What a talented lady, such a beautiful voice. Thanks for introducing me to a batch of very talented nice people.

  2. She's an incredible musician. She's made me cry more than once. It's fun meeting all this talent isn't it?


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