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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wilderness Bluebird, Day 6

Wilderness Bluebird
My Uncle Bud lives at Wilderness Country Club in Naples, FL and he took the photo I painted this from on his balcony.

He has placed over 20 bluebird boxes on his golf course, cleans them and keeps meticulous records
on how many eggs are laid in each box and how many fledge.

He loves all birds, but he especially loves Eastern Bluebirds.

He probably has done more to bring the Bluebird back to his corner of the world than any other individual.

Trying to loosen up my painting style and had a lot of fun painting this.

6" x 6"
acrylic on panel.

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  1. This one really catches my eye, Sharon. It's so unique. I love how you draw the eye around the painting with your use of orange, including your signature. In fact, I am quite impressed with your bold use of your signature. I really struggle with signing my paintings, always concerned I will mess up the composition. Would you be willing to start posting the sizes of your paintings on the blog? I find myself wondering. Also, I didn't quite understand your comment on my blog about AT&T. If you don't feel like explaining, that's fine, of course, or if you want to email me privately, that's fine, too.

  2. We have not had consistent internet service since around Dec 20 and AT&T is my provider. I live in the middle of nowhere so they are my only option and one hour I can get on and then for 2 days I can't. I thought I was going to lose it today with the lady and the 4th technician who's been out today.

    Thanks for the complements on my painting. I tried to used the orange sparingly, but enough to make a statement. My signature took a while to get. I used to just do the Graves, but then I realized I could put the S inside the G and I liked that. Sort of like a brand on a cow.
    Have a great day.

  3. Wow, that is totally amazing to me that you figured out how to do your signature so large on a 6 by 6" panel. I need to learn about signatures from you. Thanks for adding the dimensions, that helps me understand about the signature. I really have trouble signing these little panels. I thought maybe this was a much larger piece, making it easier to give some real estate to the signature. But no, it's more that you have figured out a way to be confident about your signature yet not interfere with the composition.

    Thanks for explaining about AT&T, too. Bummer....


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