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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 23 - Struggling Lizards

Day 23

When I took Dreama Tolle Perry's workshop last year she gave us all a little teeny tiny lizard.
You know the one.
The one who hops up on your shoulder and says,
"You can't paint, I don't know who you are thinking you can paint.
Yea, I thought you knew that Lizard.
My lizard was all over me today as I tried to paint my second still life ever.
Well, at least it made it onto the blog. 

My first attempt is still sitting in the corner staring at me.

I'm still thinking beach and vacation as I painted my ratty old tennis shoes I'll wear at the beach
and some shells I have found on the beach.

I struggled and struggled with almost every part of this little 6" x 6" canvas.
How can a 6" square canvas give me such grief.
Well, it did, I'm finished and I put it on my blog.
Heck, I'm even putting it on the 30 in 30 blog.
No little teeny weeny lizard is going to show me who's boss.

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  1. Good for you Sharon, keep kicking that little bugger off your shoulder. lol He visits all of us, painting is hard but so addictive.

  2. You're so right. Hard and addictive. Most days I don't let him watch me paint. Hehe


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