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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 2 Big Easy

Big  Easy
was one of the headlines of the day after the Louisville Cardinals won the Sugar Bowl over the
Florida Gators.


I actually went down to my studio to paint more skies and after I heard the news, 
this fat little Cardinal popped up on my canvas.
Fat from doing the happy dance after scoring in the first 15 seconds and at will thereafter.

I can work on skies tomorrow. 

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  1. Yes, there is always tomorrow when you are painting every day! The bird is adorable...and I LOVE how you did the branches! Can't wait to see what you paint tomorrow...

  2. Thanks Meredith. He's a little on the fat side, but our cardinals blow themselves up here in the winter to stay warm. He was fun. I think you have the right idea about painting two at a time. I often paint 2 at a time. Also on the canvas, I have a book from an artist I can't remember his name, but he says you need to gesso a canvas a minimum of 6, I know, 6 times. I did it though and I got a really nice painting out of it. Smooths it out, make the teeth barely noticeable. Just a thought. Have a great painting day tomorrow or the next day. Loved your dancers. You're brave.


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