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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 16 Big Red

Day 16  Big Red

This morning I decided to try a still life, which I have never painted before.

OK, I know a chicken is not a still life.

You may never see my first still life.

It is of two apples, one red and the other green.

It's gonna sit here and we're gonna look at each other for a while,
and I'll decide if I'm going to move forward on still life painting.
It was fun and I liked certain aspects of it, but my end result is not pretty.
My art goals for this year include getting out of my comfort zone, 
and I was pretty uncomfortable, so I could put a check in the box and say
been there, done that.

But knowing me the way I do, I'll probably try again.
I will not be defeated by an apple.

So after I finished the still life, I moved forward with this chicken painting.

He was fun.

12" x 12" acrylic on panel

$100 + $10 shipping

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  1. He's very cute, too, and this post is hysterical! Do not be defeated by an apple! "A chicken is not a still life!" I love this post!

  2. glad you enjoyed it. I was a florist for years and my instructor, the great and magical Bill Hixson, used to say I will not be defeated by a carnation. And that's how I felt today. I will not be defeated by an apple.


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