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Friday, September 30, 2016

Is It Day 21 or Day 30

Not Sure How I Got Here
In This Challenge.

Day 21 I sat down to sketch out my final dranddaughter,
Kelsie on the 10" x 10" panel I selected for her painting.
Before I had it half way done,
it became painfully obvious,
I was very sick and there would be no painting that day,
or the next 10 days.

After going to my lung specialist,
he began treating me for the flu,

Many of you know, I have scleroderma
which has filled my lungs over the last 20 years with scar tissue, making it difficult to breathe on a good day.

Many of you also know,
I've been on a quest this whole year to improve my health.
I've worked out many days a week and I have improved my lung ability.  I guess that's a good thing,
because I used it all up during the 11 days I was sick.

But today, I headed to my studio to finish my Kelsie's painting.  I've never been a figure painter and I've been using this challenge to learn about it.
I've struggled every single day with every painting,
but I have learned a ton.

So on Day 30 I was able to paint Day 21,

   Kelsie turns 21 in January.
I know, how can anyone as young and lovely as me,
have a 20 year old granddaughter.
She is a long tall drink of water,
coming in right around 5'11".
Her face here is too narrow,
(wish I would have noticed that before the point of no return).
She is a knock out and has a beautiful long neck and gorgeous full lips,  (The kind lots of the ladies pay big money for).
While this is far from perfect,
there are parts of it that look like her.
So, after not painting for 11 days,
I am no unhappy with it.  

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