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Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 12 - Karter

Day 12 - Karter

Figure Painting 101

One of my goals during the challenge,
was to do figure painting.

I've never painted figures before.
I'm terrified of painting figures.

But today was THE day.

This shows toooo bright,
I tried again.
And this is toooo dark.
So it's somewhere in the middle.
My grandson Karter is a swimmer, among other things,
and going to swim meets is something I love to do,
but parking is always a nightmare,
and the chaos is almost unbelievable.
Fun, but crazy!
I took this photo last year when he was 8.
He is a great swimmer and swims on relays with much older boys and boys that swim year round.
tomorrow will be another figure painting.
I am totally exhausted from this,
and I need to go take a nap,
or eat a brownie,
or eat a brownie and then take a nap!
I like that idea.
Oh and by the way,
it's not for sale.
Blogaversary Update
I just drew out a name for my online iris painting class for my blogaversary.
Hope you're entered.
If not
Scroll back up to the top on the right hand side and put your email in the box that says
(wait for it)
"Subscribe To My Blog"
(get it - Blogaversary)
Put your email in the box and then when you receive an email asking you to confirm you actually did sign up,
confirm it.
Then you're in and there's nothing more to do.
If I draw your name out of my virtual hat,
I'll send you an email with 
"NO Joke! YOU WON!"
in the subject line.
Answer me in 24 hours and you get the prize.



  1. A special piece, I am glad you're keeping it...or at least keeping it in the family :)

  2. Thanks so much Meredith. 1 down, 9 to go. Hope they all turn out this good. I took a tip from the lady you interviewed! (Sorry can't remember her name at the moment. It's a drag getting old).

  3. Special piece, glad you're keeping it in the family!

  4. Thanks Jacklyn. So appreciate you taking time to comment. I'm on a mission to learn to paint figures and portraits and none of them will be available.


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