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Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 9 - Steam Heat

Day 9 - Steam Heat

Day 9 - Steam Heat
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On Day 9, I took my son James and his 9 year old daughter Karen to the airport to fly back home to Utah.

I've seen them twice this summer,
but that is an extreme rarety.
I might not see them again for another year.

On my way home from the airport on I-71,
the rolling hills near where I live
were often shrouded in fog,
and if there wasn't much fog, 
there was lots of steam coming up through the trees.

I talked myself through the composition on the way home.
Several layers of hills and trees, very gray sky, steam popping up all over the place.   
I guess it could be an eerie sight,

but if it's home, it's home. 

Any way, 
This bad boy didn't fight me too bad.
Here are a few time laps videos to see the process.



I purchased an app to put them all together,
but that hasn't worked out too well yet,
so you'll have to watch them separately.
Too much drama of all kinds this morning to fix it.

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Have a great weekend. 



  1. Steam coming through the trees, sounds pretty magical to me!
    Love the way you painted the mountains!

  2. Thanks Jacklyn. This can be seen here all the time.


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