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Friday, June 7, 2013

Art Classes for Students 10-14

 Several Spots Open for Student Art Classes

Last summer I had one art student, Alex and you may remember my posts about Alex.
This year, Alex is returning and I'm opening up some room for 3 more students ages 10-14.

  This was Alex last year in her first class after she made her own color wheel,
and began a painting of some flowers.

The classes begin Monday June 24 from 10 a.m. until noon.
There will be classes on 4 consecutive Mondays and it will be $100 for all 4 classes,
 payable in advance.   
 I'm asking parents to assess their children with these questions:

1.  Can my child commit to 4 Mondays in a row because there will be no make up classes.
2. Does my child have an interest in painting
3.  Does my child have an attention span that will hold up to 2 hours of varying instruction and practical work.
 If you have a child in the Carroll County, KY., area I'll be having these classes in my home and would love to talk to you about this opportunity for your child.

I supply paint, brushes, easels, and supports to paint on.
Most of the surfaces we paint on are either matboard or masonite boards.
The last class we will be using a canvas panel for our painting.

Your child will need a cover up such as a shirt or apron.  I don't supply them. 

I'll take pictures all along the way and your child will be featured on my blog and my facebook page.  

 During every class we learn an art principle such as learning too look at things and seeing many aspects of that object or scene and then go into the studio and paint it.

Here, we spent some time in my yard looking at trees and colors and shadows.
Then we painted trees.

We painted plein air one day and Alex painted my railroad tie garden with echinaceas, yarrow, marigolds and verbena.

Isn't she cute and doesn't she look like she just conquered the world?

We learned about blending color and getting some perspective,
so here we painted a seascape with lots of sky and clouds.

This was a fun painting we did from a cupcake I painted at a Dreama Tolle Perry workshop.

You can see in this painting Alex was learning about the shadows.
See that shadow under the icing and one of the cupcake on the table.

I don't want my students to mimic what I paint,
 I want them to learn principles and then implement them.

So parents, think this over and get back to me if you think your child would love this and benefit from this instruction.

you can contact me at
502-523-0663 (calls only, I don't text)
or message me on facebook.

This is a fun class and the one thing I think kids get from this is they begin to see things differently.
They start to see real colors, depth of things and many details they might not notice otherwise.
Also painting is a great way to communicate and express things they may not be able to get out any other way.

If you have questions I haven't answered, please contact me.



  1. Looks like you did a great job working with Alex...what a lucky student to have you! I know your class this summer will be fabulous, and I look forward to hearing more about it in days to come.

  2. Alex is a special young lady. She was very easy to teach and did everything I showed her. She handled the 2 hour class like a pro. Can't wait to get her back this summer and hope to get a few more. I was the lucky one to get her. Hoping for a great class this summer. Thanks Meredith.


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