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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Can't Believe I'm Showing You This!

After I got back from my show,
I looked around and guess what I saw.


No this isn't the mess, this is the clean.

The two white cabinets have all my shipping supplies
and all the tools and signs I made for my show.

 I now have all my art books, supplies and completed paintings in one area.

 Part of my problem, is I'm a multi-tasker.
I have to dabble in a lot of things.
I like to sew, make jewelry, arrange flowers, photography, scrapbooking, caligraphy
I like it all!

Tools, beautiful Tools!

See all those hammers,
who needs that many hammers if you're not a builder.
I don't know why I collect hammers.
I have a lot of different hand made hammers.
They just feel so good in my hand.

OK, that's really clean for my painting desk.

When my kids see this post,
they will not believe it.

It only took a day and a half,
it's done!

Now, don't know how long my studio will look like this,
but here it is in all its radiant glory!

Thanks for making it all the way to the end.



  1. Sharon, your post along with the photos made me laugh! After preparing paintings to submit to three different places, my studio is a disaster. Maybe I will tackle it tomorrow... OR, maybe I'll just paint!

  2. Thanks Linda. It's funny how fast I can mess up a place. And I always thought it was my kids, but no, it was me. I would have painted if there had been room.

  3. This is great - I'm inspired to clean my little spot now. I can't prepare a meal if the kitchen isn't perfectly clean, but somehow, I don't notice my studio mess when I'm painting unless I can't find something.

  4. thanks Terri. I hope I can still paint in this clean and orderly space. hehe

  5. I would be really proud if mine looked like this!


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