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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creating a Private Gallery

Red Rock Heaven

I had the great opportunity to help someone forever remember a 
wonderful trip out west through art.

There's a reason many artists live in the west.

The scenes can be breathtaking
and looking at her many photographs of this trip
she was not disappointed.

I selected four of my favorite photographs from her stash
and started painting.

Red Rock Bowl
was my favorite photo and I selected and painted it first.

I didn't like my first finished painting, so started making many adjustments 
that could only be classified as starting over.
The second try was a little more successful
and finally
this is what I finished with after three tries.

Looking Up
was painted from a photo looking straight up the trunk of a majestic tree.
Always love painting that perspective.

My View
is another of the 6" x 12" size which I have never painted before.
It was of a singular dead pine tree.  

I used my artistic license to add the bird in the branch.
Red Rock Valley
is another fun painting with lots of color.

I struggled with the foreground, but finally was happy with the final result.

I think the owner was pretty happy with these paintings.  

I know I had a great time working on them and as usual,
Learned a lot.   


  1. This is such a great idea! How did you present the paintings? And did you talk about the commission price before hand?

  2. Everything was worked out in advance, but I was the one who selected the photos. Now you could let the client pick the photos or you could agree on them before the work was started. It was a surprise to her as to which ones I selected. I'm thinking of making a collage of them to promote the idea. What do you think?

  3. Sharon, I can see how this was a wonderful opportunity for both you and your collector, and it's helpful that you were able to select the photos. The paintings are beautiful, and full of good memories, I'm sure!


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