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Monday, June 24, 2013

New Artist Star Rising

First Day As An Artist

Introducing Katelyn Gardner

Today was the first day of my youth art classes and Alex was not able to come,
but Katelyn Gardner came from Northern KY and we had a great time.

This is the first lesson of 4 and she learned about color and form.

We began the 2 hour class by making her own color wheel

We started with the three primary colors and then mixed up the secondary colors.

We made a circle and divided it into 6 pie shape sections and then put 4 layers of circles in it until we got to the middle.

 Then we kept lightening each color on the wheel so she could see the values of each color.

We only added white.
We could have done the same thing with black,
but we went in this direction.

How about those values?

Didn't she do a great job.

Next we took a little break and went outside to look at how the sun made lights and shadows
on flowers, leaves, barns and the house.

Then we went back inside to work on form.

We each had a piece of paper and we drew a circle on it.
Then we put in where the edge of the table would be,
and a little line where the ball sat on the table and approximately where the shadow would be.

After deciding which direction the light was coming from,
we took our pencils and began shading in the ball to give it form.

Finally, we painted a ball sitting on a table with its lights and shadows.

I think you'll agree Katelyn did a super job.

Here you can see Katelyn's ball drawing and her ball painting and her color wheel.

Not too shabby for a two hour class.

Give it up for Katelyn!!


  1. Great job Katelyn, sounds like a wonderful class.

  2. didn't she do a great job! She's a great student.

  3. Hooray! for Katelyn. She already understood many things
    and do a great job, for sure


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