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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 29 Just Kidding

Day 29 Just Kidding

Just Kidding

7" x 5" unframed acrylic on a panel.

$50 + $6 shipping.

This was painted from a photo I took last year when our goats were kidding.

They were popping out all over the place.
This little girl stayed in our house for a few days while Mom got with the program.

She was just an hour or so old when I took the photo for this.

We have some super cute spotted goats

This is Day 29 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
And I can't believe I'm really going to make it.
I thought before the challenge started "there is no way I can do this, again".
As the challenge started, I got excited yet decided I was sure I would participate, but I didn't think there was a snow balls chance I would complete 30 paintings.
 About half way through the challenge I was having a wonderful time painting things I'd never painted before, such as still lifes of some interesting antique items.

Now as the challenge is coming to an end,
I feel like I'm just hitting my stride.

I have learned so much this time.
I've painted so many things I've never done before,
I've painted:
kitchen stuff,
sewing stuff,
a basketball,
teddy bears,
a bridal veil,
hay bales,
and finally
Quite a few hydrangeas.

And now it's almost over.

I think you're really gonna like tomorrows final painting.

He was just born yesterday.


  1. Love this goat, what personality comes through in the painting. You really captured the way goats eyes always seem to look. When we go to the State Fair the goats and sheep are always my favorite.

  2. We always go to the goat and sheep barns at the fair also. They do have some interesting if not creepy eyes. This little guy was hilarious. Thanks Fay.


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