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Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 - Left My Comfort Zone

Day 13 Cuties

Lots of new firsts in this painting.
None of which were in my comfort zone.

Never painted fruit before  -  check
Never paintedfruit with a palette knife before  -  check
Never had my props roll away before  -  check
What comfort zone?

I had these cute little cuties
A whole box of cuties
And they are delicious,
So I thought, while we're doing things we've never done before, 
and completely out of my comfort zone,
Let's paint fruit.

And just to make it more difficult,
let's go for fruit painted with a palette knife.

And just when I thought I was getting the hang of the cutie on the right,
it rolled right off my table.
Then it lost its cutieness when I couldn't get it to stand back up where it was.
Absolutely out of my comfort zone.

So I worked on the cutie on the left.
Finally, right cutie decided to behave and return to its original position.
And we all lived together happily ever after.

It wasn't too bad being out of my comfort zone.

Day 13  Cuties

6" x 6" unframed acrylic on a panel

$50 + $6 shipping


  1. Your post is hilarious! Don't your cuties understand what puts the "still" in "still life"? Hello! Maybe it's time to anchor them with toothpicks. Good for you for moving outside your comfort zone!

  2. Thanks Terri. I had a great time painting them and writing about them. I guess they didn't get the memo to sit still.

  3. You captured the perfect color for those cuties.They look lovely next to the gray/blue, I cannot believe you have never painted fruit before. Hope you do some more.

  4. Thanks Julie. Appreciate the encouragement. I painted some peppers once but no fruit.

  5. Great work on the oranges and I like your sense of humor. Just remember "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

    1. Life ended so to speak for the one cutie,since I ate it. hehe. But thank you. It is really important for me to get out of my comfort zone. That's when I have the break throughs. Thanks for taking the time to comment Fay.


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