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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Visitors in the Park

These three cuties stopped by with their grandpa in General Butler State Park as I was finishing up for the day.  
They are Caroline, Jacob and Ryan and they are from Crestwood, KY.
They came to the park to play tennis and stopped to ask some questions and look at my work.
It was so fun to have someone stop by and ask about what I was doing.

Jacob, Ryan and Caroline
looking at a nearly finished, (at least for today)
painting of a huge pine tree at the back entrance of Butler.

This is what I was looking at as I began painting this morning. 

Got the trunk and branches and some highlights in.
Looks kind of scary at this point.

I put in the leaves that were blowing all over the park today and had gathered beneath the tree.  Then I began to put in the shadows under the tree and made one pass of the pine boughs.

The with just a slight turn, I had this beauty of a tree to look at.

I started here and then the fun began.

again scary trunk and branches.

Then for the highlights and shadows and it begins to look more like a tree.

This is the bottom of the tree.  
I need to go back to the studio and put the benches in.

Come back tomorrow and I'll have both paintings finished and ready for you and

Caroline, Jacob and Ryan to see.

Thanks for stopping by today guys.

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