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Thursday, October 25, 2012

River Lizard

Who Invited You?

So I woke up this morning ready to plein air paint, again.

And everything was going very well.

I found some great places to photograph in the county,
and got a lot of reference material.

Then I found a place, not in the park,
but in the Two Rivers Campground,
the brand new campground in Carrollton.

They have a great pier that hangs above the Kentucky River, 
just yards away from where it joins the Ohio River.

It was a beautiful sight, beautiful fall day,
unbelievably warm for this time of year,

and then,

after I'd done my block in,

guess who showed up.


The doubt lizard. 

You've probably met him.
You've definitely met him if you've ever done anything creative
and had doubts.

Where is this painting going?

Is this going anywhere?

Is this any good?

What is wrong with this?

What is wrong with me?

Well nothing much.
(If you don't count my chocolate addiction)

But somedays I have those doubts.

Can I really do this?

Who am I kidding?

This painting was a wreck for most of its life and on into adulthood.

Looking at this, no wonder the doubt lizard reared his ugly head.

Adding some color into the water for the reflections.

Still not happy, but something is evolving

a little brighter colors made a huge difference.

Finally, something I was sort of happy with.

That tree sort of look like the loch ness monster.

Shut up lizard.

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