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Saturday, October 27, 2012

We Do Use Torture!

We Do Torture!

Yes, in the United States we do torture.
But we call it "sending your computer our for repairs".

My, less than a year old laptop was having some serious hiccups,
so I called the company to find out what to do.

The torture began with that call.

I mean no disrespect here, but, 
you know they weren't in this country,
didn't have the Kentucky twang I understand and love,

Nope they had a different twang, that I didn't love and couldn't understand.

Finally after several tests, it was decided, yes there is a problem 
it was still under warranty, so it went back to the manufacturer.

They didn't tell me to back everything up, but I did, because I have lots of photos of my art and reference material for my art,
not to mention tax info,
so I spent one evening backing it up before it went on its long journey.

OK, it only went to Louisville for repairs,
but it could have been a long journey.

They also didn't tell me to take off any sensitive information,
but I did after backing it up.

A pretty nifty box came to ship my broken computer in.
So after all the backing up, erasing, deleting and checking,
I put my life into the box and sent it off.

More Torture!

I didn't realize how many times a day I sat down with my electronic friend to work, to visit, to talk to my kids,

Double Torture!

After a week it magically showed up again.

Well sort of.

It had a new:
and charging unit.

So, really a whole new computer was delivered to my door.

Now the real torture began.

Glad I made that spreadsheet with all my passwords.
There was nothing left of my life on my new best friend.

No pictures, no art, no tax info, no seminary lessons,
no facebook,
no ebay,
no pinterest,
no microsoft office,
no printer!

I love making art, writing and blogging about art,
making spread sheets to keep track of my art,
But I hate installing programs!
It turns me into,
well, a very unpleasant person.

So, not only was I tortured trying to do all this, with my limited computer savvy,
but now the torture began for my whole family.

So sorry family!

So, never let it be said that the United States is above torture!
Cause we're not!
We just call it electronic repair!

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