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Friday, January 3, 2014

Day Three - Drinking the Kool Aid

Drinking the Kool Aid

What were you expecting?  hehe

Did you ever drink anything cold out of these metal glasses?

We had these when I was a kid and they are cold, 
sweating cold,
hurt your hands cold.

They came in beautiful vibrant colors, which I love,
and we got them from the milk man who delivered door to door in the 50's and 60's.
In our part of the world cottage cheese came in them.
They had a paper pull top like the milk bottle did.

Open up that gray cooler box on the front porch
and receive milk, butter, cheese and
cottage cheese in these wonderful cups.

I read a blog post from Carol Marin on Daily Paintworks
about doing four different 10 minute studies of the same subject.

I thought I'd like to try that but let me tell you,
this did not take 10 minutes.
I did the top left, and the two on the bottom the day before the 30 in 30 challenge began
to get back into the flow of painting.
I hadn't painted in several weeks so I was, shall we say "rusty".

The top right quadrant I did on day three.
But I wanted to share the full effect of the studies.

These were so fun!
Just trying to improve and this was one way to do it.



  1. Great job with the exercise, Sharon! Glad to see you having fun...

  2. my goal is to have fun and I'm trying to add a specific color or group of colors into my art. Thanks so much for your comment.

    1. I'm having fun, too, seeing what you are working on. I also want to award you the "Most Entertaining Blogger" award!

  3. You're too funny, but I do hope to have an entertaining blog. For me, it's part of the art. So glad you enjoyed it.


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