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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9 Tool on a Shelf

Day 9 - Tool on a Shelf

I follow quite a few art blogs and am always amazed at the work being created every day.

I have blog friends all over the world
and that is weird in itself.

I appreciate each and every comment on here and so grateful for them.

Julie Ford Oliver is one of the artists I follow and she commented
on a blog post I almost didn't make because I was so unsure of it.

It was day 4 - Tools where I painted some sewing tools.

She said it brought back memories of her childhood when she made some clothes and how easy peezy zippers were and how how hard buttonholes were for her.
Then she suggested I do just the pincushion.
I had had that thought, but again self doubt reared its ugly head and I backed off.

Today I thought, wrongly, well how hard can a pincushion be.
Then I had to add the cutwork lace to it.
Oh no problem Sharon!

Well I did so appreciate the suggestion that today I give you

Tool On A Shelf

6" x 6" unframed acrylic on a panel
$50 + $6 shipping.

Thanks again Julie 
click here to see Julie's blog


  1. I love the pincushion...and you have done a great job with the cutwork lace, it looks so real!! I like painting threads and pincushions too...must be a left over from when I used to do a lot of sewing!

    1. I used to make everything my kids wore when they were little. I love sewing and lately I've been painting in the a.m. and making new pillows for my living room in the afternoon. I just like to be creating something.

  2. Sharon, this is fantastic. I have a very old pincushion, too, but not as pretty as yours. The cutwork lace really adds so much to the composition. It is really fun seeing what you come up with each day-you are doing so many great paintings.

    1. Thanks Fay. I feel if it has cutwork lace or tucks, I think I need to own it. I always love old things and I will be painting more of them. Thank you for your complement, I think I'm blushing. I struggled with what to put under it and thought I'd give the lace a try. Thanks again.

  3. Another wonderful painting, Sharon...your other visitors have already said it all! The colors are wonderful, the lace is fantastic and the pins themselves--how did you get such thin straight lines??

  4. Thanks Meredith. I painted it in my mind several times before I even picked up a brush. I use a script brush and make one quick stroke. Have a great one!

  5. This is a wonderful painting. Your idea to include the cutwork lace was dead on for adding the ambiance of a period of time when pincushions were the norm.
    How about a series? Thimbles included

    1. You are killin me! hehe!! I am going to do some series of paintings, I think that is a great idea. I have some cool old thimbles, buttons, an old tin can with all sorts of embroidery floss in it. Lots of great stuff. Thanks for the great idea and the comment.


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