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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 11 Popcorn Memories

Popcorn Memories

If you were a bride in the 40's, 50's or 60's
you probably received a set of these bowls as a wedding gift.
My parents did.

In fact the yellow one of this set, is THE bowl my parents received.
I don't remember breaking the others, but I know they were
and I found the rest of the set at flea markets and yard sales.
I was so excited when I finally found the last one, the green one.

When I was a kid, on Sunday night we would all gather in the living room
to watch
The Wonderful World of Disney
and then

 My dad would make popcorn and bring it into the living room in this big yellow bowl.

We never ate in the living room and we usually only ate at meal time.
 So this was a big treat for us.

I'm sure everybody out there has a memory or two connected to something similar.

Post it in the comments here and give us all a chance to walk down memory lane with you.

Popcorn Memories

6" x 6" unframed acrylic on a panel
 $50 + $6 shipping


  1. Wonderful title! Painting that brings back memories!

  2. lots of memories in these bowls. Thanks for the comment.


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