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Monday, November 7, 2016

Oh To Be Young - Motivational Monday

Young Van Gogh's

OK, I can't really motivate you to be young,
I can show you how much fun these
young Van Gogh's had in a special art class Saturday.

Carroll County schools had a Saturday gifted and talented
day where for 3 hours kids had the opportunity to try out new skills and learn all sorts of new concepts. 
Let's get this party started!

I had a group of 13, 3rd - 5th graders and one 1st grader
come together for an hour to paint Starry Night
by Van Gogh.
Yep, I gave them a whole hour!

And that was ALL they needed!
These artists were motivated and intent on accomplishing the near impossible.
Paint a masterpiece in an hour.

Here's a short video of artists at work.
(I don't know why I always hold my phone in the wrong orientation, but I do.  I'll have to work on that.) 

 You can see, they did a super job on that mission!
They worked hard, quickly, followed directions,
and everyone left with what I think are great interpretations of
Starry Night.

I'd like to thank my trusty side kick and dedicated helper,
Tara Mefford for be so willing to give up time on her Saturday and help with this great bunch of super painters.

If this looks like something your child or you would like to do
click HERE to get the scoop on how it can happen at your home.  

I hope you've heard about my online art course/ classes, but did you know I have added a FREE class to the mix,
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I have done just that and if you are a beginning painter who would like some instruction from someone who has taught hundreds of beginning painters, now is your opportunity to check out this FREE class and see for yourself.  

Click HERE to sign up for the FREE class.

Scroll to the bottom for the FREE Daisy Painting Class
and click the green "learn more" button.
Look it over and then
you'll be asked to register for the class.
After you complete the registration form,
you will receive an email with your login credentials and a link to the class.

It's available to you only for forever.
Please don't share your login with anyone,
cause they can get it for themselves,
but please do share how you got it!
Did I mention this was FREE! 

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  1. What a gift to those children! Fabulous work, inspiring young artists, Sharon...

    1. Thanks so much Meredith. They did a super job and we had a wonderful time.

  2. It is so good to return to reading your blog and find you are still upbeat, creative, and improving the creative life of many people. Lovely post!

    1. Thanks Julie! I have taught some of these kiddos before and some were brand new, but they all did a super job and it was fun to be back in the class room.


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