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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Is Panic and Chaos Rocking Your World?

Finding Your Calm

 Walk In The Clouds
11" x 14" acrylic on stretched canvas
$150 + shipping

Most of you know I have a rather serious lung condition,
So for the last 17-18 years I've had lots of problem, walking, climbing stairs, running (haha), exercising, dancing, 
pretty much anything that requires breathing.

When you can't breathe,
things get panicky and chaotic quickly.

Take blow drying your hair.
I have very short fine hair, so it doesn't take long,
but I can't tell you how many times I've been blow drying my hair
and all of a sudden no air could come in or go out.
Your arms are up over your head and holding something moderately heavy.  Add to that moving it back and forth and brushing your hair with your other hand.
You feel your heart shake,
and you know,
Oh no!
That was my last good breath for a while.
Then you have to work with yourself to not get flustered, panicky or crazy, cause that makes it even harder to breathe.

The natural response is to breathe quickly and shallow.
Bad decision!
What is needed is slow breaths in through the nose
out through the mouth.
Three to six breaths like that will usually avert disaster.

But it is so hard to remember in the heat of the moment.
When you're getting light headed,
your chest burns,
your heart shakes.

This post is written the morning after the most cantankerous presidential election of my life time.

Everyone needs to take a moment

In through the mouth,
out through the nose.


Repeat again.

Once more for good measure.

Calm comes almost immediately.
Chaos melts away!
Panic leaves quietly!

Now, back away from social media for a few days 
while things settle out
and everyone begins to breathe again.

Don't know about you,
but I'm going to paint. 

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2.  Some of you have subscribed, but when you received an email to confirm you signed up, you didn't confirm.  So technically, you're not really in the running to win anything.

If you fall into either of those categories,
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  1. Wonderful sharing and advice on your part, Sharon, thank you!

  2. So welcome Meredith. Breathing is critical!

    1. Truly! Love what you did with the clouds, too.

  3. Thanks Meredith. I love painting and observing clouds.


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