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Monday, August 15, 2016

Communication - A Two Way Street - Motivation Monday

Listen ONLY Mode
is not a bad thing.

 For those of you following me,
you're aware that right now I can't talk. 

For those of you who know me,
that's a problem.

For several months, my voice was like a mouse.

Now, I can't even do that.

On my daily walk last week, I was thinking about
not being able to communicate
and the problems that arise.

We WANT to communicate.

We NEED to communicate.

We MUST communicate.

New parents can't tell their new baby they love them enough.  They kiss all over them, snuggle them, rock them, sing to them,
all in an effort to tell that child how much they are loved.

Young lovers talk and now text for hours professing their love, learning every shred of info about their new love, and spend a lot of time say, "No, you hang up".

We communicate through the spoken word, the written word, body language, hand gestures, (some not very polite hand gestures).
music, dance, art, love notes, pink slips, email, text, facebook, instagram, twitter and on and on and on. . .

As an artist, I try to communicate feelings and ideas through 
the things I paint. 
I try to convey not only what something looked like,
but also what it felt like, or why it is important to me,
or what I wish it looked like,
or why it spoke to me.

The jury is out on whether my voice will return,
and it may return after significant speech therapy.

But for now,
I'm working on communicating through my brushes
and trying to focus on what I see and how it makes me feel in the hopes you will also
 "see or feel" something.   

Last year, last week and into the forseeable future 
I have been studying the sky and clouds 
and what makes them so beautiful.

These are my efforts from last week,
and I'll update you later on what comes off my brush today.

Just remember,
every artist is trying to tell a story,
and hopefully, you can hear it.

When I first started to learn to paint,
one of the reasons was because I thought sunrises and sunsets were so gorgeous and I wanted to be able to capture that with a brush.
Well, it's been over 10 years now,
and I'm still working on it,
but all of a sudden I see forward movement.
Isn't that interesting how you work and you work on something,
and then, sort of out of the blue,
what you were seeking begins to show up.
It won't show up without all the work though.

Keep working on that:
piano piece
pie baking 
parallel parking
learning to read
math problems
throwing a strike
back hand springs
breast stroke
en pointe

All learning is

Here's hoping you add to your learning and communicating today!  

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September is my blogaversary month and I'll be giving away a lot of art and art products that month,
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get signed up.

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I sure would appreciate it.  

See you in the funny papers.



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