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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Between A Rock and a Garden Place

Beautification Project

The Mayor of Carrollton, KY., 
Robb Adams came to me and asked me to help him
in his part of a Carrollton Beautification project.

Around the town square there are cut outs,
that until recently haven't been utilized well.
Some businesses planted flowers in them 
and other places were just left bare.
Then they started an adopt a cut out campaign,
and that's how I got involved.

He brought me a big rock and little business card,
and wanted me to marry them up. 

 I drew out the letters on a big piece of craft paper,
got his approval
and then cut it apart and transferred it to the rock.
 I'm working outside as you can see

 I'm under a pop up tent to protect me and the rock.

This is how I transferred the writing.
I had to cut it apart to transfer because when I created the template, I wasn't happy with the spacing in several places.

 Mayor Adams cut out is the largest one on the square
and you can see here where to stone is.

There are all sorts of beautiful 
perennial plants in his garden.
Carrollton is located at the confluence of
the Ohio and the Kentucky Rivers.
The rock had an indentation on one side,
and lots of interesting crevices along the bottom.
I used them to represent the two rivers and in
the corner represents Point Park,
where they come together in Carrollton.

Where Rivers and People Meet

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