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Monday, March 28, 2016

Motivation Monday From A Tree

Fulfilling the Measure of My Creation

My lesson from bradford pear trees!

 Bradford Pear trees are so beautiful!
They have beautiful blooms in the spring,
they grow fast,
they produce great shade,
they make quite the statement.

 We have them on one side of our driveway.
We live on a ridge line and sometimes have really strong winds, and things like this tend to happen.

 This guy is really trying to fulfill his measure of creation.
He got snapped off in a windstorm several years ago,
but he was still alive
and trying to be beautiful.
I often wonder how he feels in between
 two tall beautiful trees.

 Look at this beauty!

 This, however is how that tree looks from the back.
It's still beautiful from the front,
but the back was ripped down in a different wind storm.
It, like the little tree, is still trying to fulfill
its measure of creation.

And Then There Was the Mother of All Wind Storms

And the rest of the story . . .

 And all the branches that were left came down.

My husband Jim had to get out there with the tractor and haul all the pieces of the tree off to another part of the farm.

I had a nice blog post planned about being the best version of ourselves, even when WE think that doesn't measure up to those around us.

I don't think that wind storm really cared 
about my blog post. 

So, how can I turn somewhat of a disaster into a motivating blog post.

Here goes -
Things, don't always turn out as we planned.
Stuff happens!
Milk gets spilled.
The cookie crumbles.

We don't always hit the game winning shot!
We don't win the Pulitzer prize!
We didn't win the lottery!
We can and should walk with our head high,
Look for the silver lining,
Get'em next time,
and never ever give up.

Even when all the branches were drug away and
 the stumps cut down,   
the branches became food for sheep,
places to hide and nest for birds,
and they will decay and go back to the earth 
and more plants will come up from them.

We all have dreams we'd love to accomplish,
Goals we'd like to meet,
and aspirations we work to achieve.
Sometimes rotten things happen
and then we really get to see what we are made of.

Keep putting miles on your brush!

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