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Saturday, March 12, 2016

BUT - Change is Uncomfortable

Change is good.

I paint a lot,
so I have a lot of paintings tucked away.

Some I like,
others not so much.

I've been working on skies and I didn't really care if I produced a sellable piece or not.
I am determined to improve painting skies.
I have always loved beautiful cloud formations and I haven't made the progress in painting them I wanted.

I looked through some old canvases I put aside to possibly redo, "someday" and today was that day
for one of them.

 There are things about this painting I love,
and some things I don't love, 
or even like.

This is one of my oldest paintings and I'm more than a little embarrassed to be showing it to you.
I love the left side of the painting,
but the right side and especially that tree is awful.
But I love that light on the lake and the grasses in the foreground are good.  

But the sky is very plain and I want to work on skies,
so this painting is my work space for the day.
I'm not going to show you all the steps, 
but here is where I was at the end of the session.

I know!
It's completely different.
I wasn't too sure in the beginning.
I thought for a while I was just going to have to gesso the whole thing over and start from scratch.
my goal was to work on creating a dramatic sky,
so I pressed on.
 I learned a lot along the way.

(there's that word again),
I wasn't happy with the tree on the right (again).
Before I added any leaves, 
I really liked it
I wanted just a few leaves, as if they'd all fallen.
I went a few leaves too many as you can see,
I wasn't sure how to fix it.
So, I walked away.
It came to me, what to do,
so this morning I went to the studio and 
put my plan into action.

So I fixed the tree on the right,
and put a little more highlight on the rocks rimming the lake.

Following my last post about learning anywhere,
I repeat, you can learn anywhere,
you have to actually get in the studio
and paint,

Have a great day. 

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