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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Technique Tuesday on Thursday

Tuesday - Thursday?
What's the Difference?

I got in the studio (technically it was my husband's office because he has such a great view) early this week to paint and it's taken me three days and a trip to the library to get it on here.
We got a significant snow on Sunday, Valentine's Day and this view out his office window was calling me.
So I moved my gear into his office and painted for several hours.
One thing I love about this view is the house and barn peeking out from behind the trees.
I really wanted to accentuate the house, so I changed the color to a brighter rust/red and it was the only warm color in the whole painting.
It makes your eye go straight to it.
Framing the house in the branches of the tree also aids in it being the main focus of the piece, even though it is small and in the background.

I painted on Arches paper, 140 lb.
I tape it to a masonite board and I leave it taped on there until it is 100% dry.  That way it dries flat and doesn't warp.

One reason it took so long to get this on here is, my internet stinks.  I live in the middle of nowhere, which is great, until you want to get online.  Then the weather has to be perfect, I have to be standing on my left foot with my tongue hanging out the right side of my mouth and maybe I'll be able to connect.
Maybe NOT!

Another problem was I made this little video out of stills of the progression of the painting with info on each one.
I made it in Picasa and I've done it loads of times.
What I didn't know was Google is no longer supporting Picasa.
When did that happen you ask?
On February 14.
The day before I needed it.
So I'm looking for a new way to do the same thing.

I was able to create this little animation
but it goes pretty fast and so far I haven't figured out how to slow it down.

Without further adieu,
and with no chance of winning an Oscar,
I give you 
Valentine Snow

  Click HERE to see a very short video.

Never done this before, so I hope it works.
Let me know if it doesn't.

 Not signed and not sure if it's done.
I think there is some tweaking to be done on that tree on the left in the foreground.


  1. Well, the video didn't work, but I loved your post/build-up to the video! I really like your painting, too. You really enhanced the scene by warming it up some and giving it that pop of red. I might consider trading reliable internet for living in the middle of nowhere, too :)

  2. Sorry the video didn't work Meredith. I didn't think it would, but you never know. I am seriously ready to pull up stakes and moving to somewhere I can get online when I want without having to drive to the library.


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