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Monday, February 1, 2016

I Am Worth It!

I AM Worth It! 
Motivation Monday
This year I am making a number of life style changes
I began with this thought.
I am worth it.
I am worth the time it will take.
I am worth the effort.
I am worth the struggle.
I am worth being dedicated.
I am worth it all.
I will be writing a motivational post every Monday.
I currently am working on
Weight loss
Muscle tone
Improving my art
Growing my business
and most importantly,
Feeding my spirit.
  On the business realm,
This painting went to its forever home last week.
Thank you so much Meredith.
This painting was part of a 30 paintings in 30 days challenge
I did a year or so ago.
Since I shut down my website and don't have all my work listed anywhere else, yet, 
she had to really search hard to find it.
I am so grateful!
On the weight loss front,
I've been participating in an 8-week online challenge with my daughter-in-law Angela.
The first several weeks we were on vacation and I was not very successful in the weight loss.  I did get my exercise in daily, so that was a plus, but it would have been easy to just chuck it and continue on with my old habits.  
We report our weight loss on Monday morning,
so when I stepped on the scale this morning,
I almost held my breath.
a decent weight loss for all my hard work.
4 1/2 lbs gone for a total of 7 so far.
On the organization front,
I laid out a plan for the year of purging
 a different room every month. 
I started with the room that needs the most help
and usually gets the least,
our bedroom.
I went through every drawer, my armoire and my closet
and I purged all sorts of stuff.
I have lots of catch all surfaces in my room,
and they are all clean, 
right now.
I'm working on forming new habits to keep it that way.
I'm telling you all this,
for the one thing that is critical in forming new habits,
and making life style changes is
So now you know!
Post in the comments things you are working on changing.
We'll be your support group.
Check back in next Monday,
for more motivation. 
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Thanks for stopping in and have a great day. 


  1. What a super post, Sharon! So happy to see you moving forward in so many ways. Your blog is so inspirational and fun! I support you in making all the changes you are seeking (and looking forward to seeing the painting in person!). If you want to support me in eliminating clutter in my life, like you, that would be fantabulous. You should see my studio :) And I cleaned it up before the 30 in 30 :)

    1. Thanks Meredith!. I have found my brain works so much better when I have goals and deadlines and spread sheets and crazy stuff like that. Studios have a way of creating crazy clutter and chaos. Don't know why that is, but I'm sure it has something to do with the creative process. Thanks so much for your comment and continued support.

  2. I LOVE this post ! I think motivation Monday
    Is wonderful. I am working on some of the same things but I am not yet as organized with a plan as you are. You're amazing- keep it up!

    1. Thanks Fay. As I told Meredith, I can only function in some kind of order, if only organized chaos. Good luck on your changes as well.

  3. The above two artists, Meredith and Fay have become great online art buddies. (we've never met face to face.) I so appreciate their support and I have a painting from each of them and they are near each other in my own little art gallery of favorite artists.


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