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Monday, February 29, 2016

Success Breeds Success

Motivation Monday!

Two Months Down and Making Progress
I've been working on a number of goals, lifestyle changes, and self improvements since January 1.

Yes I'm still working on them.

How do you stay motivated for the long haul?

Staying motivated and engaged is always tough!

Success breeds Success!  

I don't need much success to lead me to more success, 
but I do need some.

Regardless of the goal or change I'm trying to make,
finding success or forward movement is critical.
I've been participating in an online weight loss challenge since about the 8th of January and I lost 9 lbs and 8 1/2".
I was so pleased when I realized that this morning.  


We should all celebrate our successes!
Whatever they are!
When we move forward, regardless of how small
Celebrate that success.
Too often we put ourselves down,
we're not good enough,
smart enough,
talented enough,
slim enough.
I am,
You are,
We are,
Good Enough.
 Learn to be comfortable while patting yourself on the back.
Learn to be grateful for your steps forward.
Learn to appreciate your successes.
You will have many more if you do.

 This was a break through painting as I worked out the perspective
on this ferry in Augusta, KY.
So this was a success for me!

When I completed it, I celebrated.



  1. And you...are MORE than good enough in my book :)
    Congratulations on your personal successes and your breakthrough painting. Those breakthroughs feel great, don't they? I like how you did the water!

  2. Thank you so much Meredith! I am blushing. Breakthroughs are critical to continued success I believe. But it's also important to recognize it was a break through and you're moving forward. Thanks again.


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