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Saturday, September 22, 2012

See What you Missed at Quad's tonight!

This is what you missed tonight at the Quad's Classic Car show in LaGrange, KY.

A new sculpture by Robbie Mueller he was working on at Gallery 104.

This guy is sculpted onto a crock jug.  

He's entirely too creative.

I painted out on the sidewalk.

I'll post a photo of that painting maybe Monday.

Tom and Mary Kinney's studio down the street

He makes some fabulous jewelry and awesome photography.

Mary is a very creative painter and writer.

Isn't this the cutest studio.

This is Tom in his jewelry studio.

Here in Angie Campbell's studio a little further down the street.
Amy Wellborn and Pam Tillman are on the left side of the table.
Mary Kinney and Angie Campbell are on the right.

They were working on collages.

There are 5 galleries on Main Street and during the Quad's car show they are open for a gallery walk.

And I walked and visited the three that were open.

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  1. Sounds like you are having some fun lately. Someday I want to get back to Madison Indiana, we loved it there. I would love to visit the candle store and see your work. Love the house painting you did there, did they buy it?


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