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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Progression of Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay

I read a post in a blog  recently, but I can't remember who wrote it.

But he had a really interesting idea for painting.

As he paints, he keeps a blank canvas nearby and cleans his brush on it.
Then he uses that canvas for his next painting.  

I remember him saying it helps to loosen him up and that's my problem,
so I gave it a try.

With every painting I've done lately I've cleaned my brush out on canvas panels.  
I've filled up two so far.
Then I decided to paint one of them.
When I cleaned out my brush I sort of put colors in areas I thought might be sky, sunrise, sunset, grass, trees.

Tonight I worked on it.,
It's not completely done, but it's close.

I didn't decide to take photos until I put the clouds in, but you can see what it looked like before the clouds went in.

I added distant tree and blocked in the rocks in the foreground.

I'm starting to work on the water here.

I put the highlights on the rocks

More rock highlights and shadows.

Starting to mellow out the water

Put in some rougher waves.

It's darkly bright.
Does that make sense.
It looks like a sunrise or sunset with lots of color bouncing everywhere.

This was lots of fun to do.
Trying to see where I might go with it was the tough part of the task.

But it was fun.  

Still not exactly satisfied with the clouds or the rocks,
but I had a great time doing the whole process.

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