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Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Been A While

It's Been a While

Yes it has!

As most of you may know, I've opened 
449 Main St.,
Carrollton, KY  41004
and it has been a whirlwind for the past two months.

I have been setting up the gallery,
finding just the right artists for you to enjoy their work,
teaching classes,
and all things retail.

I haven't had much time to paint,

But, I had this one painting that bugged me because I was never really happy with it.

This is where it started.
Actually, that's not 100% true.
This is it after I re-did it the first time.
This painting and I have quite a history.

Final, final, final version.

As you can see, I enlarged the rocks as they got closer to the foreground.
I took out all the plant life on the closest rock piles.
I sped up the water and changed it's color in the foreground.
Made it more rugged, (I hope).
Finally, something I am happy with.

24" x 18" unframed acrylic on a panel.
I give you
Blue Lagoon.

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