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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wisteria Welcome

Wisteria Welcome

During the painting process, I often ask myself,
What in the heck are you doing?

That is the worst painting you've ever done.

Pack up your brushes.

This is going in the trash heap.

Do you see a trend here?

This 14" x 11" is the first painting I've done for me for a good while.
And it was kicking me all over the studio for several hours.

I've been a little consumed for my new gallery which will be opening July 9.

This is painted from a photograph I took in Augusta, KY.

I made a still shot video of the progression of this painting,
and it wasn't until I put the arbor in that I was able to back myself off the ledge.

When I put the vines in, then I began to sort of smile again.

As I added the leaves and first level of purple of the wisteria, 
I finally thought, OK, I can finish this.

So you work for three or four hours on a painting
and finally the last 1/2 hour it comes together.

It's a wonder I finish anything.

Welcome Wisteria
14" x 11" unframed on stretched canvas

$150 + $20 shipping.  

Click here to see a progression of this painting.



  1. Many times paintings look bad before they look
    good- your end result is exceptionally nice .
    Good luck with your gallery opening. This Wisteria is one of my
    favorites that you've painted.

  2. Thanks Fay. I was very happy with it when it was finished, but you are so right, often they look horrible until they don't any more. Painting sure has its weird side.

  3. I agree with Fay...unless you are doing a demo, no one but the artist has to live through the ugly phases of the painting. Glad you plugged through till the end. Lovely results!

  4. Thanks Meredith. I don't know how this didn't get published until now. I'd seen and read it. I just forgot to hit the publish button. I appreciate the comment. That is so true. The process of painting can be both frustrating and exciting at the same time.


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