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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Progression of the Fall Aspen Grove

Progression of Today's Painting
or Experiment.

This is what I started with. 
It's from a technique I read about on someone's blog (sorry, but I don't remember his name).
While I was painting other paintings, I would clean out my brush by scrubbing it on another canvas.  This is what I ended up with when it was finished.

I had a photo I had taken several years ago near Bear Lake in Utah of a grove of aspen trees during the fall.
I knew that would be the subject of this painting.

I started by blocking in the background of the most distant trees,

Next I added the trunk of the most distant trees and their branches.
I love painting tree branches and this was just fun, even though it looks weird.

I added grasses, the white bark on the trunks and then the leaves.

There are three different fields of trees and I did the same thing with each successive layer.
I made the trunks lighter as they came forward with more detail 
and the grass and the leaves had more variation and got lighter as they came closer.

This is the finished painting.

I've painted from this photograph before,
but the paintings look nothing alike.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a name?

I'll post it again in a few days once it has been framed.

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