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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

4 Year Old Art Lessons

What Can We Learn From a 4-Year Old?

I know I did!

I seldom take students as young as 4,
for several reasons:
1.  hand - eye coordination
2.  hand dexterity
3.  ability to follow directions
and of course
4.  attention span
But, after talking with mom, I decided to give it a whirl.
Blaire had all of the above.
It takes about an hour to complete a painting, and an hour is a very long time for a 4-year old.  But she was always able to give it her best for the hour.  
Following directions is another important piece of the pie.
I don't mean you must put this color here type of directions,
but more like, in your sky the strokes go left to right and not up and down.  
Blaire has her own style and idea of what colors she wants to use and that's great.  It also opens up lots of experimenting along the way of what works and what doesn't work so well.
Here is Blaire and her owl.
She did a fantastic job!
I really do not help that much along the way.
I show how to accomplish something,
and Blaire accomplishes it.
One thing we can learn is not to pigeon hole people.
Just because they don't exactly fit the criteria,
doesn't mean they won't be very successful.
Given some instruction and a little bit of help along the way,
if you want to learn to paint, YOU CAN!
If you have a child who would like to learn
 to paint or draw,
whether it be one lesson, or a series of lessons,
I can make that happen.
If you, an adult, would like to learn to paint or draw,
I can make that happen.
If you would like to host a painting party
 at your place or mine,  
 I can make that happen.
Click HERE to get some info on how 
I make that happen.  
If your don't find an answer to your question there,
you can email me at
and put painting question in the subject line.  
I've had students from 4 to 76 years old.
I'll bet you're somewhere in there. 




  1. A great reminder that a little help goes a long way and yet keeping her own sense of what she wanted!
    Please tell he she has an admirer for the way she painted her owl!

    1. I really try Julie, not to be to bossy in these lessons. I want them to experiment with color and paint. Sometimes I point out why if you mix this color with that color you probably won't be happy with the results, but if that's what they want to mix I let them go at it. It's their painting. But there are techniques and rules that just about anyone can learn. Blaire has her own style and you can't teach that.


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