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Thursday, March 16, 2017

From Rags To Riches

Definitely from Rags,
Jury's Out on Riches

Below are photos of our shed before Jim had done much to it.
It's been gathering "stuff" for 16 years.
I don't know what made my husband think now was the time to put this building to use,
but I'm not arguing.  

It is now divided into 4 sections.
One for tractors and tools,
One will be a small Farm Market where we can sell the produce we grow,
One section will be his wood working shop,
And one section is my new art studio.
 Before Jim and I started on this project,
this shed had no front wall, no doors, no windows,
no ceiling, no electricity,
Just lots of "STUFF".
What you see above was after a months work or so.
We started in October, 2016.
 Just this much was pretty impressive to our friends and family
who knew what this building looked like before.

 All the walls, windows and ceiling are recycled materials.
My husband has been collecting all this for years.
The walls you are looking at are shipping crates for large equipment that came into a local chemical plant.

This is what it looked like with a different door,
walls in and painted and floor painted.
 Here he was taking off some barn siding to put in my wood stove and framing for my windows.
Then he put the siding back up.

 This is what the inside of my studio looked like after the front window was put in and the front wall.
Still a ton of "stuff" in there.

 This is the wall where my art now hangs in my new studio.
This was before the front wall, door or window went in.
I can tell it's my studio area because
 of the yellow stripes on the floor.
 Insulation is in the walls,
and Jim is adding the recycled wood to the walls.

This is the same wall after the insulation, ceiling, lights,  walls, paint and wood stove were added.

On the big reveal day,
I took this video as I prepare to leave my house 
and walk to work.

This very short video is a time lapse of the walk.
Hope it doesn't make you seasick.

And here you go!

The big reveal!!!

When you look at my new studio,
it is pretty hard to believe it once looked the way it did.

I have enough room to teach classes,
art camps,
host birthday parties,
and all sorts of fun things.

I'm planning an open house Monday, April 10, after
the NCAA tournament is over. 
(got my priorities in order).
Pencil me in on your calendar.

Watch for info on it
and please know you're invited.

Hopefully, this post shows you that anything is possible.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
There's a use for just about everything.
You can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
You can make something out of nothing.
Never give up on a dream.

Thank you for stopping by today.
Let me know what you think of my new space in the comments. 


  1. Sharon it looks great! I hope your new venture is successful and fun.

  2. Thanks Barb! I do love it and it is a great place to paint. It's almost like being out side, without the bugs.

  3. Congratulations Sharon. This is a fabulous work and display space. Give your husband an extra big hug for the fine job he did. Best wishes for much success.

  4. Thank you so much Flora. I will give him a big hug and thank you for taking the time to comment.

  5. WOW!!! How lucky you are. The studio looks amazing with many creative ideas. This inspires me.
    I am in the process of moving into a new studio space but have to get shelves built and walls painted first. I have a month. I have so much "stuff" to clear out before then also. I apparently am an art supply hoarder of almost empty tubes of paint, brushes and art magazines. Sighm

  6. Thanks Julie! It is a great space and I love it, even if I just sit out there and read a book. Fortunately, I had no real time line other than the one I set for myself. There is so much light in there, it's almost like painting outside.


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