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Monday, March 6, 2017

Counting My Blessings - Motivation Monday

This is a blessing?

 Yes, that siding coming off that second story 
really is a blessing!

 And what about the barn!
It too was a blessing.

And that tree on the greenhouse?
Even that was a blessing.

I haven't lost my mind folks!
I know, debatable!

Last week was quite the weather week.
Monday and Tuesday it absolutely poured down rain.
Not a gentle easy rain,
but I'm fillin up your lake,
coming through your roof,
coming up from the ground rain.

Got through that with no problems.
Thought for sure we were going to have some flooding issues,
but we didn't.


Then Wednesday night it started again with the rain,
and we added some wind to the mix.

Thursday morning before sun up,
I was almost shaken out of my bed
with the wind,
and then,
the roar of a train!

Head for the basement!
Which I did!

In a few minutes all was quiet again. 

When the sun came up, we headed outside to survey
any damage.

You saw what we found!

I got on facebook to make sure my friends and neighbors had survived ok.
At this point I thought I had damage.
Then I started seeing pics and reading posts.
A sawmill behind us lost their roof and a barn.
Another neighbor near us had windows blown out, lost dozens of trees and had lots of barn damage.
Another neighbor lost 3 barns and
some of the animals inside died. 
Another neighbor had lots of roof damage and every barn on his farm was damaged.

So you see!

We Were Blessed!

One of the most heartbreaking sights in my county, 
was a beautiful huge barn that is over 200 years old.
It was an architechtural icon 
reduced to a pile of rubble.
It was used for milking years ago
 and had brick walls on the 1st floor.  
Photo by Michelle Patton with WIKI Radio

Those brick walls were all that was left.

I'm not sure I should mourn for a barn,
but every time I drive by
I get sick at my stomach.

So, yes we were very blessed
 to have the minimal damage we had.

I am very grateful that my home and property was spared.

The sun always comes out again!
This was the view Thursday night!

Sometimes we do have to look hard to find a blessing,
but it didn't take us too long to realize that we had received a huge blessing last Thursday.



  1. Oh, your poor dear community. I see what you mean by a blessing, but only by comparison.
    It shakes us up when unexpected and uncontrollable event rock our world. I hope the clean up and repairs go smoothly.
    Your attitude is wonderful and your compassion shines through. Sending blessings and a hug, my friend. Wish I could be of help.

  2. It is unnerving Julie, to have your world rocked. Clean up is done, repairs not so much, but they will be. Hopefully soon.


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