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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Have a Heart!

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday I had a great time painting with 16 kiddos at Cartmell elementary in Carrollton, KY.

We painted an abstract heart.
They and I had a great time!

Here's a short video of our class.

Some of these kiddos have painted with me many times and some had never painted before.

 Painting Abstract Hearts

 They all started with a heart at the center,
but that's where the similarity ended.

 They gave lots of thought to their paintings.

 Here's me and my posse!
Are they just the greatest bunch of kiddos!

It takes a lot of brushes for 16 people to paint
all those hearts!

All clean and ready to go to bed!

If you would like to host your own party
click HERE for all the info. 

I can come to your venue for children or adults.
These classes are also a great team building exercise.

Hopefully in a month or so I will have my own venue for things like group classes, art camps and private lessons.  

Stay tuned! 


  1. Their smiling faces say it all...they had a blast didn't they? How wonderful to be able to pass on the joy of paint.
    Good for you Sharon. I am thankful for YOU!

  2. Thanks Julie! They did have a great time and so did I.


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