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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Making Internet Friends

Making Internet "Friends"
Out of People I've NEVER Met 

I have made many wonderful friends online, artists and non-artists, but one I want to re-introduce is my now good friend, but still have never met face to face, Meredith Adler.
Not only is Meredith a fabulous fun artist,
but she has now launched a podcast for artists in the Asheville and mountain counties of North Carolina,
Local HeARTed.
Click HERE to go to her webpage.
I am sending you to the podcast of Meredith as she interviews Dawn Chitwood, who is a marketing wizard and media specialist.
This first segment of the interview has Dawn explaining how she can help any business, not just artists to increase their presence on social media and drive traffic to their website.

I know lots of you who follow me are artists, 
but many are not. Many of you have other businesses you'd like to promote. 
Dawn gives many insights on how she helps her clients and how they can help themselves,
as well as what you should ask and expect from someone you hire to help you in this type of endeavor.

Click HERE to go to Dawn's business page.

I know we all get lots of email daily from marketers on how to improve this or that, but I found this podcast of Dawn's to be very helpful in not only how to look at things myself, but if I wanted to hire someone in my own area, the types of questions I should ask and the types of services that I could hire for.

Her explanation of branding, and what it is and what it isn't,
is excellent and will have thoughts about your own business bouncing off your brain walls.

Click HERE to go to Meredith's blog, Paint Like Nobody's Watching, where she announces her new podcast, but you can also see her art and follow her art journey. 

Subscribe to the podcast you'll meet some great artists in the Asheville, North Carolina area, but there will also be nuggets of info like with Dawn Chitwood to help any business grow. 

Sign up for the podcast, Meredith's blog, my blog, and then confirm that you did in deed sign up, to actually reap the benefits of signing up.  If you don't confirm you signed up, you usually don't receive the blog in your inbox and you don't get tons of free info we as bloggers are trying to give you.  


Blogaversary Updates:
 "No Joke!  You WON!" 

I still have gifts I'm trying to give away as a way to celebrate 7 years of writing this blog and I sure would love for you to be a recipient.  I draw out names of people who have signed up to receive my blog in their inbox and I send you an email with  "No Joke!  You WON!" in the subject line.  Then you have 24 hours to get back to me with your name and address so I can send you the painting you won, or to respond so I can send you your login credentials if you won one of my online painting classes or my full blown art course.  If you don't respond in the 24 hours, I draw out another name.  Don't leave your free item on the table because you didn't open that email.

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  1. Wow, Sharon, decided to come here today and check out what you have been up to and found you've been up to talking about what I've been up to!! Thank you so much for listening to the show and for telling others about it. I'm so glad you found value in Dawn's interview...I learn a lot every time I talk with her. (Sharon, somehow I put this comment in the wrong post, so I'm putting it here now! Thanks again for your post!)

  2. Thanks Meredith! I did really enjoy listening to Dawn's segments and I learned a lot. Thanks for your great podcast!


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