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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's A Party!

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Kristen and her mom, Debbie and her sister Lauren have painted with me several times in the past.
This is Kristen in her lovely home, she and her husband have built.
That stone with hydrangeas in the background is one of the things she's painted with me and when her husband was installing the back splash, he wanted her stone in there. 
How fun is that.
Her sweet hero husband Jim,
planned out a surprise birthday party for her.
She knew nothing about the party until I showed up.
It was so much fun seeing her reaction.
Kristen and 11 friends and family members
all gathered around her huge dining room table
and painted fall pumpkins.
There were parents, a sister, work friends and church friends painting.
We even had 3 men, which doesn't happen very often.
They were a hoot.
I had up the demo painting and they had their paint and brushes,
so the three of them forged ahead.
Heck, they didn't need instructions.
And they didn't.
I also loved hearing them as they ragged on each other about their paintings.
It was a beautiful fall day,
and when we finished, we all went out on Kristen and Jim's porch
and were "Blinded by the Light".
Are you humming along to that tune.
I know you can't see everyone's face, but
isn't their art work great.
If you would like to host a painting party in your home 
please contact me at and put "painting party info" in the subject line.
I can do different sizes
20" x 16"
14" x 11"
8" x 10"
and different ages and abilities.
I have taught a lot of children and youth,
so you might want to consider a birthday party for your child
or family member, reunion group, etc.
I supply everything needed to complete the selected painting,
all you need to provide are tables and chairs.
 I need a minimum of 6 students for any party.

Do you have questions about which brush to use for what subject and how to actually use the brush.
Click the button below to receive my free cheat sheet about brushes.

Click Here to Claim Your Brush Cheat Sheet

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