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Monday, July 25, 2016

How Can I Find Joy

Finding Joy

Allowing Joy

Planning for Joy 
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Planning for Joy

Allowing Joy

Finding Joy

It's sort of a which came first,
the chicken or the egg syndrome.

Can we simply find joy?
Is it just lying around waiting for us to pick it up?

Do we allow joy into our lives?
I think often we don't allow joy into our lives because we feel we don't deserve it or we are so miserable with an aspect of our lives, we don't allow joy in when it's knocking right on our door. 

But do we plan for joy?
How do we plan for joy?
I believe joy can be planned for.  We can consciously make a decision to be aware of what brings joy into our lives and hearts and then put ourselves in a position to receive or experience that joy.  

There are certain colors, like watermelon and aqua and lavender or rose that I love.  I need to see those colors in my world around me and plan to feel joy when I see them.
I use those colors in paintings and it brings joy and I allow it to come into my heart.

  This is a joy painting to me.

Fav subject matter, fav colors.
I know that when I look at this painting, or other similar paintings, I will have joy, if only for the moments I am looking at the painting.

Joy can be fleeting or more permanent.
As we decide to plan for and allow joy in our lives,
because we are worth it
and we do deserve it,
We will find joy more and more often.

We should surround ourselves with the people and things and food that bring joy into our lives. 

How and where do you find joy?
Plan to get more of that into your life every day
and push out some of those things that rob us of joy.
Negativity can really rob us of joy.
What robs you of your joy?
Chaos, addictions, control, are a few more of the things that can rob us of joy.

Post in the comments about your joy, what robs you of joy, and what you plan to do about that.

As for me, I intend to be nicer to myself and surround myself with more of the colors and things that bring me joy.

Can't wait to hear your plan.


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