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Friday, July 1, 2016

Good Practice Paper

What's The Best Surface to Practice On?

Any surface is better than nothing,
here's what I like to use.

This is canvas paper.
It comes in several sizes.
I like it because it has tooth like a stretched canvas,
but it is much less expensive.
If you get something you'd like to keep,
you can matt and frame it.
It feels like real canvas in the way it moves,
but it comes on a pad and you get at least 10 sheets,
usually for under $10.
 I tape it to a board all the way around using painters tape.
I leave it on there until it's completely dry.
It sort of warps while wet, but dries completely flat.

 Here's what I practiced on today.
We have lots of daisies and cone flowers in our gardens 
right now,
so of course I have to paint them.

We have lots of huge clumps of daisies along our driveway.
 Echinacea (cone flowers) are another flower we have lots of.

I'm sure I'll be doing more practice on these.

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Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy Painting!

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